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The Luxembourg Science Center's offer has been developed in priority for primary & secondary schools, with a concentration of extraordinary investigation and demonstration tools, impossible to deploy in every school in the country, and a selection of multilingual Science Shows unique in the Greater Region and beyond.

"FREE for school groups of the Luxemburgish public education!"

The 100 hands-on experimental stations (in 5 languages – L/F/D/GB/P) as well as the 22 Science Shows (in 4 languages – L/F/D/GB) provide an adequate scientific platform for all age groups (from primary to secondary schools) who wish to experiment and relive authentically the material seen or to be seen in their classroom.

The Science Shows emphasize basic scientific concepts, accessible from a very young age, in a relaxed atmosphere that appeals to students by encouraging their participation, and appeals to teachers who find an abundance of educational resources, even on topics already covered in class.

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Since its opening in 2017, the Luxembourg Science Center has proven to be a valuable asset and partner in the educational landscape of the Luxembourg school system.

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