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The project is aimed at secondary school classes with the objective of introducing young people to the connection between science and (craft) professions: during practical workshops of several hours, students discover how science and craft are connected. The selected professions cover very different areas. Students can discover the world of gastronomy and mechatronics, to give two examples.

Like all our offers, the workshops are free of charge for students of Luxembourg public schools.

Electricity and building services

Wiring, connections and smart homes. In this workshop the students will be confronted with various challenges. These range from the traditional connection of a lamp and a light switch to a distributor to the wiring of complex circuits with sensors and programmable devices in the sense of smart home technologies.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with GGM11


Mechatronics and autonomous mobility

Mechanics, electronics and programming. In this workshop we focus on intelligent cars that drive independently and without human intervention. After initial tests and investigations of a real car, students assemble and program small cars with different sensors before simulating real autonomous mobility situations.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with Autodistributions Losch



Prepare, decorate and serve. Starting with a dish as simple as a pancake, students will discover the full range of activities in the restaurant. During the workshop, students will not only practice the work of a cook at the stove, but will also look at aspects such as pricing.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with Ecole d’hotellerie et du tourisme du Luxembourg


2D/3D Design

Prototypes, design and VR. This workshop offers first experiences in this broad field. The students model 3D objects that can be created by 3D printers or visualized with VR. In doing so, they discover professions from engineering to architecture.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with planWERK+ Modellbau & Zeichenbüro



Thinner than a human hair and indispensable in telecommunications: fiber optics. To this date, about 98% of data transmissions are carried out via these fibers, which connects houses, cities and even continents. Students learn to cut, polish and weld the fiber to build their own network. This can then transmit different types of information, whether acoustic, visual or other.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with Post


Metal and metalworking

Manufacturing, galvanizing, forging. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to discover different ways of working and transforming metal, whether cold or hot. Not only will we discover the traditional approach, but we will also discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future in this field.

This workshop was developed in cooperation with GGM11

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