Project start

  • Combination of two National Monuments:
    • Equipment (“Groussgasmaschinn”), classified in August 2007
    • Building (Gas engine building), classified in November 2018
  • For the Science Center, these two National Monuments will be the historical pillars testifying to the technological and scientific prowess and evolution of the beginning of the 20th Century
  • August 2007

    The “Groussgasmaschinn” large gas engine of 1940 – 42 is classified as a national monument
  • October 2007

    Creation of the Groussgasmaschinn, the not for Profit Institution which later evolved in the Luxembourg Science Center - Groussgasmaschinn
  • April 2011

    Creation of GGM11, the privately held corporate entity, the original sole finance and future concept development arm of the Luxembourg Science Center
  • Mai 2011

    Dismantling of two 1931 Diesel engines of the Junglinster Radio Luxembourg original broadcasting station
  • February 2012

    Start of the restoration and decommissioning work of the Groussgasmaschinn
  • Development concept of the Science Center through analysis of more than 70 Science Centers around the world to determine “best practices” and develop and implement of a program with the specific purpose to promote and raise awareness of science and technology in professional orientation
  • Mai 2016

    Start of the restauration of the “Léierbud” building to house Phase 1 of the Science Center
  • March 2017

    Unofficial opening of the Luxembourg Science Center reserved for school groups
  • 4 October 2017

    Grand Opening of the Luxembourg Science Center for the general public and for students, elementary, high school and colleges
  • June 2018

    Launch of ESERO Luxembourg, a professional development program for Luxembourg teachers and STEM awareness raising with ESA, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Education
  • November 2018

    The adjacent gas engine building (erected in 1905) is classified as a national monument
  • September 2019

    Official launch of the Professional Discovery Project