The Science Center


Who are we ?

The Luxembourg Science Center is a fun and entertaining discovery center dedicated to science and technology.

In our large exploration room, visitors discover over 75 interactive stations, spectacular "science shows" and daily workshops allowing them to observe and play with the wonders of our world.

Whether it is to lift a car with one hand, play a game of Table football with a robot, melt steel in seconds or participate in a scientific cooking workshop, amazement and enthusiasm are guaranteed!


Our mission

Science is often approached in an abstract and too academic way, which can be difficult to understand. We have therefore made it our mission to present science and technology in a very practical and familiar way to the general public.

Our philosophy is to make science and technology more accessible and fun for audiences of all ages and to put theory into practice with an entertaining and interactive approach. In this sense, our scientific mediators always seek to optimize and innovate the offered experiments, science shows and workshops.

The Luxembourg Science Center is open every day to the public and an interactive collaboration exists with the schools. In fact, at the LSC, mediators and teachers have access to tools and experimental stations making it possible to highlight the subjects studied in class. Tools that schools often don't have at their disposal.

Otherwise, as in many other regions, the technology industry suffers from a talent gap in terms of the number of qualified people. This is one of the main reasons that prompted us to develop the "future skills" project. A project that actively encourages young people to embrace technology skills and professions for their future.

In addition, operating in a multicultural country like Luxembourg, close to France, Germany and Belgium, we must adapt our exploration and make it accessible to different languages and cultures. All our interactive stations are therefore presented in 5 languages. Science Shows and workshops are presented in 4 languages.

How it all began