“Unpuzzling mathematics”: Mathematical lounge” created by Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux at the Science Festival 2017.

«Unpuzzling mathematics» is a project financed by a PSP-Classic grant by the Fonds national de la recherche (FNR). The project aims to transmit the joy and excitement of one of the most important, yet relatively unknown, subjects of modern research: mathematics.

Building on the interactive book-app “Mathema” written by Professor Hugo Parlier from the University of Luxembourg and Paul Turner from the University of Geneva, the goal of the current projects is threefold:

The first objective is quite simple: make “Mathema” (currently only available on iPad) available for Android.

The second objective is to create a new puzzle app, conceived following user experience of Mathema and our experience using Mathema in public events.

The third and final objective is to create an interactive exhibit based on the combinatorial games in Mathema and the App. The exhibit will take a permanent spot at the Luxembourg Science Center.